Sky Vegas Tweet for Book of Ra Slot Bonus

book of ra slotWho said that playing on an online casino had to be a lonely pursuit? If you love nothing more than popping into one of the amazing venues that house the Book of Ra slot and seeing this classy adventure reel spinning hit in all of its glory then you may like the offer at Sky Vegas.

The sky is certainly the limit if you take your online slot playing to Sky Vegas, where they have a great collection of games in the online casino, including of course the Book of Ra slot. And as the world becomes ever more used to social media as a way to communicate, as slot players can keep up with the trend thanks to a nice promo from Sky.

If you are a user of Twitter you should make a point of following Sky Vegas who are very vocal on their Twitter feed, and you can expect very regular tweets about a multitude of things like game news, bonuses, and upcoming promotions.

Getting your word spread on Twitter is done by getting others to re-tweet your information, and Sky Vegas would like our help to do this, although of course they have given us a potential incentive to do so.

Join the Sky Vegas Twitter feed and look out for a tweet that says RT to win. Once you see one of these tweets, do exactly as it says, re-tweet that tweet on your own Twitter feed. If you do so you could be in for a small casino bonus as Sky Vegas is randomly awarding £5 to a number of lucky winners.

Not bad at all for what could be 10 seconds out of your time, and your reward will be a free £5 to spend on the amazing Book of Ra slot, where you could win the big prize.

So do not be a twit and tweet with Sky Vegas for extra casino cash.